Lithium Balance

Lithium Balance is a company that since 2004 has developed battery management systems, BMS. Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Visit from the Indian Embassy to Denmark at Lithium Balance on August 25, 2020.

About Lithium Balance

Lithium Balance has been involved in the development of lithium batteries for 16 years, and works with Battery Management Systems (BMS – or so called ‘intelligent’ control systems) for the batteries in electric and hybrid cars as well as machines and stationary energy storage systems.

Lithium Balance landed an agreement with the car manufacturer Ford in 2020 to supply the battery management systems for their upcoming electric cars. The company also develops the intelligent solar cell batteries ‘XOLTA’ for industry and housing associations – including the “Energy Islands” Orkney Islands in Scotland, Madeira in Portugal and Samsø in Denmark. Their batteries are approved for use in the Danish energy-market.

In 2019, the American technology group Sensata Technologies – one of the world’s leading and former innovators in mission-critical sensors and control systems – invested in Lithium Balance and became a global distributor and co-owner of Danish Lithium Balance.

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Management and Xolta technology at Lithium Balance.


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